Victor De Jesus


Some things are better left unsaid, but there's no rule that says they can't be written. Enjoy some of my blog posts and click here for more.


This is a manifestation of thoughts that are supposed to be invisible.

Now, BAM.
Right in your way.

As if obstruction was my only mission.
As if the wind just blocked your vision.
A vision that prior was infected and molested by others’ convictions.

Dragged down by mindless robots known to do
nothing but conform in order to not stand out.

I’d rather be blind to it all.
Be changed by it all.
So I write like there’s no time.
I’m not scared of any fall.
From any height,
or any flight.
& so I thrive to do ya right.
I’m trying to shift all of your visions.
Even if slight.
From green to ripe.
From mold to gold.
To see the light.
To show that life just has no type.
You’re either great,
or committing a crime.
There is no middle in this invisible life.